NASA Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project Sponsored by: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA Award NNX08BA63A)

Rider University and U.S. Satellite Laboratory's Endeavor STEM Certificate Project are pleased to offer K-12 teachers a unique opportunity to advance their classroom practices and content knowledge in STEM. Teachers may enroll in the Endeavor STEM Professional Development Certificate (15 credits) or earn a Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership with Endeavor STEM Concentration (36 credits).

Designed for working professionals, all coursework for the STEM Professional Development Certificate takes place online. Course assignments are carefully structured to efficiently help teachers gain confidence with STEM integration and access available resources that can be adopted and differentiated to meet student needs.

Rider University's recognized teacher education department, in conjunction with U.S. Satellite, provide teachers in New Jersey and beyond the opportunity to engage with seasoned teacher educators, scientists, engineers, and researchers dedicated to sharing their work with teachers and students. Through this collaborative model, STEM teachers and those in the STEM workforce inspire students through meaningful real-world connections. U.S. Satellite and the Endeavor program integrate NASA research as a cornerstone of coursework and authentic data integration for math and science content. Each course includes interaction with NASA researchers through U.S. Satellite's Space Act Agreement with NASA.