NASA Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project Sponsored by: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA Award NNX08BA63A)














photos of classrooms using curricular products


NASA's Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project awarded highly competitive fellowships to 50 educators per year across the Nation from 2009-2012. Funding authorization was provided through the NASA Endeavor Teacher Fellowship Trust Fund as a tribute to the dedicated crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Endeavor has been sponsored by NASA, and administered by U.S. Satellite Laboratory.

NASA Endeavor Fellows took 5 graduate courses in an innovative, live (online) format from the comfort of their home or school. They applied research-based pedagogical strategies and cutting-edge STEM content to their classroom contexts, while becoming a part of an esteemed network of like-minded educators across the Nation forming an online community of practice. NASA Endeavor Fellows each had a mentor and earned a Certificate in STEM education from Teachers College, Columbia University. As leaders in STEM education each Endeavor Fellow enhanced their teaching practice.

The blended live and asynchronous model for Endeavor's online courses, which integrate content from each of NASA's Mission Directorates, has given participants the best of both worlds: working with challenging STEM content along with expert instructors, practicing scientists and engineers; and studying independently with course work tailored to individual needs. Each course included take-away materials proven for the classroom. NASA Endeavor Fellows each earned a special Leadership Distinction Award for scaling up their practice within their district or state, or a Research Award for their STEM Action Research performed in the classroom or with schools.