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Topics include an Overview; Options for Participating; and Financing Your Master's Degree..

Register to learn options for participating in Endeavor. If you attended a previous session, register to learn new options or call (800) 707-8519 for new details.

Master's Degree Option

Earn a prestigious STEM Certificate as part of a low-cost Master's Degree.

Joint Online Master's Degree Option(s).

California State University Northridge (CSUN) and Endeavor have teamed up to offer YOU an exciting, new Master's Degree focused on Elementary STEM Education.

This exciting partnership allows you to earn both the CSUN Master's of Arts (M.A.) in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, and the prestigious, Endeavor Leadership Certificate in STEM Education from Teachers College, Columbia the same time! Educators in the program take CSUN courses onsite and online, while all Endeavor courses are taken 100% online, with special "live" components, from the comfort of home or work. Endeavor instructors are faculty, staff, or alumni from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Who should apply?

K-8 educators interested in STEM content and pedagogy integrated into practice will benefit from: 1) live and online class sessions; 2) asynchronous (non-live), online interactions; 3) exclusive STEM resources; and 4) interaction with NASA experts and others.

The majority of participants include California Clear-Credentialed K-8 teachers, mathematics or science specialists, technology educators, special education educators and some teachers who wish to pursue the promise of K-8 STEM Education.

Time Commitment

Complete this intensive Master's Degree in just four (4) semesters! Teachers register for classes each semester including Summer Session. Fall and Spring CSUN courses are 8-weeks long while Summer is 6-weeks long. CSUN courses are onsite and asynchronous as students work at their own pace. See the suggested program of study.

Semester 1 - FALL 2015Units
EED 601 (STEM Education) Curriculum, Instruction and the Reflective Teacher
Endeavor course Integrates Methods of STEM Education
Endeavor course EED 602 Applications of Technology3
CSUN Courses are administered in 8-week periods
Total: 6
Total Cumulative: 6
Semester 2 - SPRING 2016 Units
Endeavor course EED 610 Research Methods3
Endeavor course NASA/Endeavor SCED 589 from Adams State3
Endeavor course EED 648 Seminar in Elementary School Mathematics Education3
CSUN Courses are administered in 8-week periods
Total: 9
Total Cumulative: 15
Semester 3 - SUMMER 2016Units
Endeavor course NASA/Endeavor SCED 589 Elective - Adams State3
Endeavor course NASA/Endeavor SCED 589: Adams State - The E in STEM: Meaningful Content for Engineering3
Endeavor course EED 643 Seminar in Elementary School Science Education3
Endeavor course EED 696 Inquiry Project1
CSUN Courses are administered in 8-week periods
Total: 10
Total Cumulative: 25
Semester 4 - FALL 2016Units
Endeavor course EED 675 Multicultural Seminar3
Endeavor course EED 698 Graduate Project with STEM-Leadership Endeavor Seminar3
CSUN Courses are administered in 8-week periods
Total: 6
Total Cumulative: 31

Like all graduate courses, Endeavor courses require diligence. For each course, participants will attend "live," one-hour online classes (~5 total sessions). Endeavor's self-paced work is determined from each participant's specific classroom practice or context. Assignments include a combination of content and education-based assignments.

Course of Study

STEM Leadership MA students take Endeavor courses and CSUN courses each semester. The program begins with a strong foundation for STEM in K-8 elementary education and integrates Endeavor's Methods in STEM Education. In Semester II, educators select two Endeavor Electives to suit varied and wide interests. One course includes The "E" in STEM: Meaningful Content for Engineering, a dynamic and popular course offering from which educators gain tremendous confidence blending engineering practices with math and science. In Semester IV the culminating experience, CSUN's Inquiry Project blends pedagogical content knowledge in teaching with educator professional development. These capstone activities build schools' STEM-leadership capacity as MA students meet the requirements for Endeavor's Leadership Certificate in STEM Education, as well as the Master's Degree.

National Board Certification Option. Endeavor courses may be completed while seeking National Board Certification. All of the portfolio requirements for becoming Nationally Board Certified can be met with Endeavor coursework, exclusively. Endeavor's Candidate Support Providers, trained by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, guide each candidate through the process.

Apply Now for this exclusive Master's Degree in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction.

California State University Northridge (CSUN)

What Else Should I Know?

Endeavor courses teach STEM pedagogical content knowledge and guide educators in incorporating authentic data using technology as a tool for learning. This effective approach provides a springboard for cultivating problem solving skills, addressing new standards, and inspiring student interest and achievement in STEM.

Endeavor's Online Community is a meaningful and interactive vehicle from which participants gain insights and knowledge over years. Endeavor contributes to literature in STEM Education; is on the forefront of research; and, is the most practical way for educators to be successful with integrated STEM learning in their classrooms.

$17,277 includes the Master's Degree tuition and fees and Endeavor's STEM Leadership Certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Financial Aid is available, and the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program may be available for qualified applicants.